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Runnerverse is the brainchild of me, Laura.  I started running in 2016, after a lifetime of hating running.  Why?  Well, I wanted to challenge myself to something extreme and totally outside of my comfort zone, and knew I hated running so couldn’t think of anything that would stretch me more (either mentally or physically!)

A few G&T’s later, with some shameless egging on from the other half, and entry to ‘Rat Race’s The Wall’ was secured – a 69 mile ultra-run from Carlisle to Newcastle.

3 years later and my board is decorated with not one, but two “The Wall” medals, along with a plethora of others ranging from 10km right through to 40 milers as well as, for good measure, 8 Tough Mudder headbands. 

But better than that, I’ve gained a genuine love for and appreciation of running…something I never thought would happen.  I’ve lost weight; rediscovered my love of the outdoors; run in places I never would have seen; been happier, healthier; and genuinely pushed and challenged myself.  It’s not always been easy – I’ve DNF’d at races or limped to the finish; but it’s all been worth it. 

Let me put it out there – I’m not fast.  My marathon PB doesn’t start with a 3, or even a 4.  My goal for this year is to bring my 10k down to sub-1 hour.  I’m no elite athlete and would describe myself as more tortoise than hare. 

But I’m out there, lapping everyone who is still on the couch.  And Runnerverse is my way of giving back – helping other people get the same buzz and enjoyment I’ve got out of it, whether they’re the tortoise or the hare or anything in between.

In my quest to help others, I’m now a UK Athletics licenced Leader in Running Fitness, as well as holding a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification, whilst I work towards my Level 3 Personal Trainer award.

Why Runnerverse?

Runnerverse has been born out of a desire to give something back.  The running community is amazing and we’re a pretty giving bunch – you’ve only got to look at the number of podcasts, videos, training plans, coaches, apps and more that are available online geared towards runners.  

And we like to think Team Runnerverse are evidence that anyone can get out and do it.  We’re here to inspire others, to encourage others to get out on the trail and see the beautiful countryside the UK has to offer, to share all the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

The Runnerverse community is open to all – the ParkRunners, 10k-ers, half marathoners, marathoners, ultra-marathoners, fun runners, or those that run around the park on a Sunday.  Those that call themselves runners and those that don’t.  Those that like running in a group, those solitary runners, and everything in between.  We aim to have something for everyone – whether that’s trail runs, virtual runs, training plans, kit reviews, nutrition advice and more.  Runnerverse – where running is our world.  

And now…introducing Runnerverse’s Adventure Wing.

Adventure Wing Logo

Inspiration can come from many things…. the inspiration for the Adventure Wing came from our genuine love for being outdoors. That feeling of waking up under canvas and watching the sun rise or being mesmerised by the embers of a campfire as you sip a warming drink. 

Every day is a school day for me…. I’ve spent a fair bit of my life in the outdoors, and know a little about having an adventure. Whether that’s joining the Runnerverse team on one of their ultras or packing a rucksack and jumping on a train to somewhere new. But I don’t know everything……and whilst the web can be a great resource, it’s also great to hear from people. To hear their experiences and stories, to share ideas and their favourite campfire recipe! 

As the world gets smaller from the travel perspective, there’s still a vast expanse in which we can find adventure, but we don’t necessarily have to fly across the globe to experience the thrills to be had from adventure. With a little thought anywhere can become your adventure!

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