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Working with a running coach can transform your running, whatever your ability.  As runners ourselves, we know how easy it is to just run – same pace; same distance; same route.  Sometimes we might skip the odd session because we’re not ‘feeling it’.  But what if you could work with a coach who kept you accountable?  Who structured your training plan to help improve your running?  Help you get faster, or further? Reduce the risk of injury?

We’ll start by getting to know you – your running goals and dreams; your current running fitness; your lifestyle.  Once we know that, you will be allocated to the coach we feel will be best suited to help you.  We can also hold group sessions if you have a group of friends you would like to train with.  

We recommend seeing your coach at least once per week, but you will likely be in touch with them more often as you log your prescheduled training sessions and feed back to your coach on how each session felt and any adjustments that need to be made.  Your 1-to-1 sessions with your coach may include drills to improve your running form; speed sessions; interval sessions or hill training.  Your coach will also advise you on selecting the right kit; tailoring your nutrition and hydration; planning any races and more.  

Pricing is flexible dependent on factors such as the number of face-to-face sessions required; the length of the training plan; and so on.

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